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Prophetic Key (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
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Prophetic Key

In these end times, the Lord is raising up prophets of a higher caliber - prophets like Samuel of old, whose words never dropped to the ground, but every word came to pass. These are prophets who wield the power to root out, destroy, and put into place new kingdoms on this earth.

For such a time as this, a new breed of prophets are being raised in the wilderness. The price for such power? Humility, the way of the cross, and bearing the same nails and crown of thorns that were on Jesus. The fire is hot, but for those willing to go through it, the power to change the world awaits you.

"To whom much is given, much is required."

With each page, you will feel the weight of the Church being put on your shoulders. Up until now, it has been about your calling as a prophet, but from this point on, you will come to a newfound reality that this is about the calling of the Church, to the world.

You will discover that as you step into prophetic office, the real work has only begun. Standing with the authority, the anointing and all the power vested in you, you will look out and see a Bride that needs healing and a foundation that is cracked. Here is where you will decide what kind of prophet you will be.

However, you will not be left to your own devices. Here are some key points that Apostle Colette takes you through:

  • What qualifies you for prophet office
  • How to recognize the prophetic child
  • Prophetic ministry and marriage - getting it right
  • What prophetic office looks like
  • Transitioning from prophetic ministry to office
  • Authority vs. anointing
  • How to increase your anointing

As the final and last book of the Prophetic Field Guide Series, Apostle Colette circles you back to the child warrior that started this journey in the first place. With a scroll in hand, she hands you the responsibility that you have been called and trained to carry. Are you ready to join the ranks of the mighty men in the trenches of this new move?

Other Books in the Prophetic Field Guide Series

Part 01 – Preparing for Prophetic Office

Chapter 01 – Transitioning to Prophetic Office

Who This is NOT For
The Anatomy of the Prophet Ready for Office
Ready for Office

Chapter 02 – What Qualifies You for Office

Understanding Authority
How You Qualify
When Your Training is Put on Hold

Chapter 03 – The Office Readiness Checklist

Key #1: Passing the Final Test
Key #2: Arrangement of Circumstances
Key #3: Positioning of Relationships

Chapter 04 – Defining the Prophetic Child

The Prophetic Child Defined
Preparation of the Prophetic Child

Chapter 05 – Raising a Prophetic Child

Get Over Yourself
Identify Their Abilities and Limitations
Lay a Foundation
Arm Them for Battle

Chapter 06 – Prophetic Marriage: Husbands

Let’s Get Real
Husbands, Love Your Wives

Chapter 07 – Prophetic Marriage: Wives

The Submission Definition
God’s Part
Something for the Singles

Part 02 – The Authority of Prophetic Office

Chapter 08 – Character of Prophetic Office

The Character of Prophetic Office
Be Prepared to Let Go

Chapter 09 – The Prophet in the Local Church

Ministry vs. Office

Chapter 10 – Navigating The Local Church Rules

Rule #1 Administrative Order
Rule #2 Meeting Order
Rule #3 Find the Right Approach

Chapter 11 – The Prophet in the Universal Church

The Universal Church Personality
Your Transition to the Universal Church

Chapter 12 – The Prophetic Key

Prophetic Ministry vs. Prophetic Office
Functions of the Prophetic Key
Stop Talking and Start Doing

Chapter 13 – Prophetic Authority

The Origination of Authority
Defining Authority

Chapter 14 – Prophetic Rejection

The Ugly Duckling
Incorrect Ways to Respond to Rejection

Chapter 15 – Making Rejection Work for You

Making Rejection Work for You
Step 3: Do not Defend Yourself
Vindication is at Hand

Part 03 – Practical Prophetic Office

Chapter 16 – Becoming the Image of Christ

From Stones to Boulders
Conformed to His Likeness
Passion for Jesus

Chapter 17 – Resurrection: Becoming a Rock

Give Him Your Heart
The Secret Place
Small Beginnings
How to Minister to Jesus
Going Through the Process

Chapter 18 – Increasing the Prophetic Anointing

Prophetic Anointing Reminder
How to Release the Anointing
You Know the Motto: Always Be Prepared!
Changing Power

Chapter 19 – Becoming a Prophetic Minister

The 12 Step Program

Chapter 20 – Prophetic Counseling: Inner Healing

The Pastoral Prophet
The Four Step Counseling Process
This is Real Ministry

Chapter 21 – Appointment to Prophetic Office

The Necessity of Laying on of Hands
Making the Transition
The Gentle Breeze of Jesus
Hear His Word for You Right Now


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