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The Apostolic Mandate (Book)
By Colette Toach
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The Apostolic Mandate

As one called to be an apostle, there is a fire in your bones that cannot be contained. The Lord Jesus himself has given you a mandate, and a commission, that seeks its rightful place in the earth.

However, there is a problem. The task at hand can seem overwhelming and the implementation too great, if the foundation is not laid correctly.

  • How do you take what burns inside of you and incorporate it into your family, business and spiritual life?
  • How do you lead those with a similar fire and look up to you in the right way?
  • How do you start the vision and then keep driving it forward from glory to glory?

Follow Colette Toach in this book as she takes you down this exciting and empowering road to finding your true mandate from God, the steps to take to set it in place and then the wisdom need to bring it all together, to launch it into this world and see it become all the Lord Jesus had called it to be.

Yes... As an apostle, you have a mandate. Yes, it will come to pass. Yes, it will reach the mark.

How long or to what extent, depends on you. Allow this book to take you through these unclear waters. Step past the traps of the enemy, so that you can take your rightful place, implementing a mandate that will change the body of Christ.

Other Books in the Apostolic Field Guide Series

Chapter 01 - 10 December 1974

Childhood - Training in the Home
An Encounter With Jesus
Key of David

Chapter 02 - Marriage and Family and Women Apostles

Wife - Training in Marriage
Mother - Training in Family
Spiritual Daughter - Mentorship and Parenting
The Test
The Truth About Being an Apostolic Woman

Chapter 03 - Apostolic Marriage Preparedness

Setting the Foundation Sure
Until Unity is Achieved...
Marriage Time is Not Wasted Time!
A Word Based Example

Chapter 04 - The Apostolic Movement - Are You Ready?

The Rain - Former and Latter Rain
Prepare for Rain
A Mystery is Born

Chapter 05 - Restoration of Spiritual Parenting

Our Model - Apostle Paul

Chapter 06 - Restoration of Fivefold Ministry Teams

Paul and The Fivefold Ministry
Prophets and Apostles
The Progressive Revelation
Creating an Environment for Growth

Chapter 07 - Creating the Environment for the Prophets

Setting the Prophets in Place

Chapter 08 - Prophets and Apostles Working Together

Defining the Ministry and Leadership Difference
A Word to the Prophets
A Word to the Apostles
The Church Waits... For YOU!
The Vision

Chapter 09 - The Apostolic Mandate

The Temple Must Be Built
Ezekiel's Pattern
Revival in the Desert
The Pattern

Chapter 10 - Your Journey to Your Apostolic Mandate

The Mandate Process
First Up: Acquaintance with the Altar
Second Phase: Tempted by the World's Way

Chapter 11 - Build the Temple

You are God's Signet

Chapter 12 - Standing in the Eye of the Storm

Your Comfort Zone is Shaken
Called to Climb the Mountain
Starting the Climb
Experiencing God in His Fullness

Chapter 13 - Prepared for Greatness

Facing Some Harsh Realities
Letting the Old Pass Away
The Progressive Revelation
Reflecting Christ

Chapter 14 - The Proof of Your Call

He Answers the Cries of His People
Your First Step to the Mountain Top

Chapter 15 - Driving the Vision Forward

Dream vs. Vision
Steps to Establishing Your Mandate
Step 1: Waiting for the Vision

Chapter 16 - Step 2: Understanding the Vision

Understanding Your Vision: Your Ten Commandments
Your Core
The Core to Rebuild

Chapter 17 - Step 3: Developing the Precepts

Defining Your "How To"
When To Walk Out Your Vision

Chapter 18 - Step 4: Apostolic Teams

The Team
Putting the Team Together

Chapter 19 - Step 5: Driving the Vision Forward

Structure is Not Enough
Letting the Vision Evolve
Manager vs. Apostle
Vision Evolution
5 Steps to Establishing Your Mandate

Chapter 20 - The Apostolic Function

S.O.S. Submit. Obey. Serve.
Defining: Apostle. Apostolic. Apostleship.
Defining the Mandate

Chapter 21 - Apostolic Mandates Using New Testament Examples and Old Testament Types

1. Spiritual Parents: Paul and Abraham and Sarah
The Price of Spiritual Parenting
2. Pattern Makers: Paul and Moses
3. Trailblazers: Peter and Joshua
Navigating the Transitions

Chapter 22 - Trainers, Builders and Finishers

4. Trainers: Jesus, Paul and David
5. Builders: James and Solomon
6. The Finisher - Timothy and Aaron

Chapter 23 - The Functions of the Apostle

1. To Receive a Mandate and Implement It
2. To Equip the Leaders Within that Mandate
3. To Establish Structure
4. To Drive the Vision Forward (Including Displacement)
5. To Create a Place for Ministry
6. To Appoint People to Their Place
7. To Impart the Power of God to Others
8. To Reveal the Fullness of God to His People
9. To Establish a Work That Remains (The Seal of your Apostleship)

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