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Click To View Full ProductStrategies of War (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: E-Book - 242 pages

Your battle plan is here!

Warfare is a very important part of our Christian lives. Whether we know it or not, the enemy is always looking for a way to take down the children of God. Now it is time that you learned how to stop taking the hits and take the fight to him instead.

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Price: R 245.00    

Click To View Full ProductThe Watering Hole Volume 11 (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: E-Book - 95 pages

Discover the Hidden Messages in Your Dreams

What is with dreams that make them so mysterious?

Whether you are a Christian or not, dreams are always a subject of conversation. The Lord is talking to us and one of the means He uses to talk is dreams. In the pages that follow, you will get the grassroots understanding to get you going in this exciting arena.

Not only will you understand what the Lord is trying to say in your dreams, but it is an awesome ministry tool to help you minister effectively to others.

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Price: R 130.00    

Click To View Full ProductThe Way of Dreams & Visions and Symbol Dictionary Kit (E-Book)
By Colette Toach

2017 Edition! Now available for download

This is the ultimate Dream Kit!

In this kit you are not only getting the teaching you need to understand your dreams and visions, but you are also getting the key to decode them.

Everybody Wants to Interpret Dreams today. But where is the balance between what the world says and what the WORD says? You are about to find out that as a believer, there is a world in the spirit and in the word that breaks all the boundaries of what you knew - or thought you knew.

This goes beyond dream and vision interpretation, it takes you on a journey into the realm of the spirit.

The Symbol Dictionary is one of a kind! Apostle Colette Toach does it again... puts up a standard with an Apostolic Foundation that you can TRUST.

Refer to this Symbols Dictionary over and over again and find out what God is saying to you in your dreams and visions.

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Price: R 885.00    

Click To View Full ProductThe Way of Dreams & Visions Symbol Dictionary 2017 Edition (E-Book)
By Colette Toach
Type: E-Book - 573 Pages - Adobe Acrobat File

New 2017 Edition! Now available for download

God's Message to you Revealed

Trying to interpret your dreams is sometimes a lot like traveling to another country for the first time. Having no road map to point out landmarks or to show you what direction you need to go can cause a lot of confusion and it can make you go around in circles leaving you lost and unable to reach your destination.

Well, I am here to give you your spiritual GPS for interpreting dreams and visions. In this dictionary, Colette Toach is going to do more then just explain simple symbols to you - she is going to help you decode the messages the Lord is giving you right now.

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Price: R 705.00    

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